A trusted wallet with all secured actions on friendly UI

ARMADILLO CYBER TECH Co.Ltd builds on the success of PLUTO Wallet. Storing and transfering your assets via PLUTO anonymously and securely. A multi-asset wallet provides convenient features in a friendly interface.

What is a Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking systems.

Our Features

PLUTO is High Secure, Friendly interface, Good Performace Cryptocurrency Wallet

High Secure

Your private key is encrypted in a highest security level. By keeping your own private key, only you have control over your wallet - We neither store nor have access to them.

Low Fee

We had optimized the processing of sending cryptocurrency so that your transaction will have the smallest transaction fee

Friendly and Easy Use

Control your wealth with ease. Adjust the layout to make it more comfortable for you.


Support most popular coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA... and tokens follow ERC20, ERC721. ... (in the near future). The list is updated on a daily basis and we keep hunting for more!

Standard Compliance

The mnemonic phrase generated in your PLUTO wallet is compatible with other bitcoin wallets that implement BIP44

Multi fiat currency price

PLUTO supports multiple fiat currencies, including 150 national currencies.

Trustless Validation

You don't need to trust on a third party like a bank, or a specific factor in the system to control your wallet anymore. With blockchain technology, whenever the whole blockchain network are trustable, your asset is secured

Fast Synchronize

No need to wait for minutes to hours to synchronize, your balance will be displayed with the speed of light

Balance Notification

Notification that comes after each transaction will allow you to keep control over your balance

In-app Market Chart

Stay up-to-date with price chart of top 20 cryptocurrencies in any fiat currency that you prefer at your fingertips.

Multi Receive Addresses

With multi-addresses function, you can create as many addresses as you want - No body can follow you

In-app Cryptocurrency News

Keep yourself updated with Crypto news and trends from famous and reliable sources.

How It Works

Start learning about Pluto with interactive features. It’s fun, easy, and takes only a few minutes!


Create Your Wallet

We extend beyond the wallet. We’ve added features that we think you would love — a customizable portfolio, market data, blockchain news, block explorers & more. All transactions are guaranteed following strictly security standard security compliance and absolutely anonymous. All contained in an easy-to-use interface.


Charge cryptocurrency

Already have a wallet? Congratulation! Now, you can start to transfer and store your assets in PLUTO wallet:

+ Buy it from cryptocurrency exchange

+ Get it from somebody who is owning cryptocurrency.

+ Join mining cryptocurrency.


Exchange all over the world

Be one of the first to sign up for PLUTO to have everything in one place! We appreciate all feedbacks, please rate your experience to help us improve our service.


Meet Our Team

Our experts in the field of crypto currency can always help you with any of your questions!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Pluto?

Pluto Wallet developed by ACT tech that focuses on security with identity masked, multiple crypto-assets and user friendly. Besides, We always update new technique and outstanding features of Blockchain technology to improve your experience. Our support team is willing to respond your concern at all times and solve your issues completely (if have) as soon as posible.

How to install the Pluto wallet?

Pluto wallet is available on App Store and Google Play. Please, download and update the wallet application on that

What happens when I lost my Recovery phrase?

Pluto wallet doesn't completely store your recovery phrase. So that please write down the words carefully and save it in a safe place. The wallet will be gone forever and no way to restore if you lose the word seed.

Which digital assets does Pluto support?

One of our mission is to support as most as number of crypto assets. Right now we are just activate some popular coins such as: BTC, ETH and ADA. In the near future, more coin will be supported. Stay turned

When I see the wrong balance, transaction history or have the issues with Pluto, what should I do?

Whenever you have the issues in using Pluto. Please contact us via "Contact support" in App. We are always ready to solve your problems completely as soon as possible

Could I restore wallet from another one on Pluto?

Yes, however please notice the Derivation Path among wallets, you just see the balance if the Derivation Path of wallets and Pluto are the same

What Does an Encrypted Password Do?

Your wallet’s encrypted password is the method to proctect your money that offers you extra security by requiring the password (6 digits) whenever you:

  • Access to the app from outside
  • Unlink your wallet
  • Require your backup phrase display

What happen when I forget my password?

Different to another wallets, you can not reset PIN with recovery phrase. You also can not reset PIN with reinstalling app. Pin is also important as well as word seeds

Does Pluto support BIP44, Segwit protocol?

Right now, we just support BIP44. Segwit will be support in the near future

Does Pluto support Testnet network?

No, we dont support Testnet network

How many numbers of fiat currency does Pluto support?

We support almost of fiat currency on the world

Does Pluto support HD Wallet?

Absolutely yes

How about setting fee for following transactions manually?

Actually you can not set exact the amount of fee manually as you wish. Instead, Pluto provides to you "the estimation" that we use 3 levels. They are Priority, Normal and Economy. Assigning higher fee equiavalent to cost you more but transaction is finished sooner.

The fee you take is based on the supply and demand on market. You can get the high fee when activities in market are dynamic, so many transactions are waiting the block closes and of couse blockchain prioritize the transaction include the higher fee.

Why can't I scan QR code to send BTC or another coin?

Scanning QR codes from device to device can sometimes be hard as it depends on lighting conditions and camera quality. Futhermore, please notice that Pluto doesn't get address of another coins differ from the chosen coin. Ex: you can not scan QR code of ETH on BTC screen

Have to send maximum amount manually?

Good news that no need to send maximum amount manually. You can send maximum amount with just one simple tap, Pluto supports that feature and you can see this on whole send screens from crypto assets